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Our Achievements

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A good handwriting is a mark of SUCCESS, CONFIDENCE AND PERSONALITY. FUN2LEARN is an ISO 9001:2008 certified institute and our vision is to promote and spread the awareness of the importance of handwriting to all.
We proudly present the ALL INDIA HANDWRITING CHAMPIONSHIP which is focused towards improving and augmenting the level of writing among children. We understand the importance and value of handwriting both in the Board Examinations and other stages of life.
This national level competition is aimed at making children aware of the importance of handwriting and at the same time giving them individualized corrective advice in the same. The competition starts at the school level where 5 winners are chosen from each category from your school. The winners then compete at the final round (the National level) where the National Winners are chosen. At every stage, all participants get Certificates and Individual Corrective Advice. The winners get trophies at school level and lots of PRIZES at the National Level (10 PRIZES IN EACH CATEGORY AT NATIONAL LEVEL)

Panel of Handwriting experts will give individualized corrective advice to every participant, to improve his/her handwriting.